See The New You with iTero Digital Impression

Orthodontics continues to modernize more and more each year. From straightening your teeth out with nearly invisible appliances to 3-D printing custom components, we are now able to capture incredibly detailed 3-D models of your teeth for reference during your treatment. At Pioneer Orthodontics, we constantly look to the latest advancements to provide our patients with the most efficient options. It’s time to see the new you with the power of iTero digital impressions!


What is the iTero Digital Scanner?

Making digital impressions is now easier than ever! The iTero digital scanner is an intraoral scanner used to create an extremely accurate digital model of your teeth, gums, and where your teeth are established. It’s even radiation-free! 

This incredible technology has helped make our patient’s treatment plans as precise and unique to their specific case as possible, allowing for more efficient and effective treatment times. The scans will enable us to make you more comfortable and better-fitting appliances throughout treatment.


How Does It Work?

During your free consultation, our team will take a digital impression of your teeth in order to get a better idea of their positioning, what work needs to be done, and what appliance may be best suited to your case. These scans help Dr. Tewes carefully craft your treatment plan down to the smallest detail. 

The process is quite simple. We slowly glide a small handheld wand across your teeth as it rapidly takes photos of them to create a comprehensive 3-D model. It can take up to 6,000 photos in just one second. Throughout the process, you will be able to see the layout of your gums and teeth appear on the screen in just over ten minutes.

Once the scan is complete, Dr. Tewes will then review it with you and focus your attention on significant areas related to your treatment plan. As mentioned, we can also predict how your teeth will react to your appliance, providing you with an exciting look into your future teeth alignment!


Benefits Of Using The iTero Scanner 

No More Goopy Impressions

If you had previous orthodontic work done many years ago, you may remember the days when goopy impressions were necessary to understand the current placement of your teeth. They used a bulky, putty-like material that you would need to bite down on and keep in place for almost four minutes to create a physical mold. It was an uncomfortable experience that is luckily no longer necessary! 

iTero digital impressions allow for more precise and quick results. The oral wand also fits more comfortably in each patient’s mouth while the scans are being taken.

More Accurate Than Ever

Traditional molds often gave rough impressions that risked imprecision. However, you can rely on iTero to provide accurate models, reducing the need for adjustments throughout treatment. Straight-forward, successful care is now easier than ever. 

As mentioned, thanks to iTero’s advanced technology, we are able to predict how your teeth will shift with the unique appliance you choose. The level of precision it provides helps to streamline your treatment, and the overall effectiveness of your appliance continues to impress us!


See The New You with iTero Digital Impression

Patient Story — iTero Helped Relieve Sam’s Dental Anxiety

Read about Sam’s story, for example! When Sam was a teenager, he had braces to fix his teeth alignment, but after losing his retainer, they shifted out of place. He had been meaning to go back to the orthodontist for years to fix them, but couldn’t help but remember how anxiety-provoking getting a goopy physical impression of his teeth was. 

After scheduling his free consultation with us, Sam was amazed at what he discovered. Our team shared with him the many advancements made in orthodontics since his last time getting work done, with the iTero digital scanner sticking out to him the most. Sam no longer had to fear getting an impression of his teeth thanks to our practice having the latest technology. He completed his treatment a year later and couldn’t have been happier with the results!


We Value State-of-the-Art Technology!

You are getting the latest treatment when utilizing the power of the iTero digital scanner. Using this technology is not just about more detailed results but making your experience as pleasant as possible. We value our patients’ comfort and dedication, working to provide the best possible experience. Pioneer Orthodontics strives to stay up-to-date on our ever-advancing field.


See The New You with iTero Digital Impression

Your Smile Deserves The Best In Orthodontic Technology!

Thanks to the many advancements in orthodontics, Pioneer Orthodontics is proud to be part of the future with iTero digital impressions. If you have any questions about how we take digital impressions or would like to learn more about our treatment options, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly front desk staff. They will be more than happy to help! Schedule your free consultation with us at our Lincoln or York practice!